What does a tapping machine do? What is the scope of use?

As the name suggests, a tapping machine is a machine tool that uses a tap to process internal threads, and it is one of the most widely used internal thread processing machines. After understanding what a tapping machine is, let’s talk about what its role is and what its range of application is.

Use characteristics:
1, tapping machine speed, high precision, tapping out of the tooth can be detected by the tooth gauge. Tapping machine for high-speed continuous cycle operation, special motor can be durable, can be automated, one person can operate more than one device at the same time, can significantly save labour costs.
2, tapping machine working principle: forward – reverse – forward – reverse …… continuous cycle and forward – reverse – stop one-way cycle has a specific key switch to operate, can also be installed foot switch for selective operation, continuous, one-way, cycle can be automatic. The operator’s hands can leave the machine, the tapping machine to achieve automatic work, beginners can also operate smoothly.3, tapping machine high precision tapping stroke adjustment is simple, automatic reversing device can freely adjust the tapping stroke, shallow holes and holes can be easily adjusted for low processing parts, tapping machine double safety device to prevent damage to the screw tapping, spindle rotation and up and down, into and out of the tool special double safety clutch, the spindle can automatically The spindle can be stopped automatically and the tool will not be damaged by reversing the retracting tool.
4, tapping machine tooth pitch A, B gear with A, B spindle and spindle in accordance with the tooth pitch to promote complete coordination, vertical stability, accuracy, precision is particularly high, the screw tapping forward and backward without the need for force can run freely. The tapping machine can also be equipped with a tapping spindle, which can be used for tapping thin plates, light metals, synthetic resins and other soft products. The tapping machine can also be equipped with a multi-axis device for simultaneous processing of multiple axes, greatly improving production efficiency.
5, tapping machine is mainly can improve the production quantity and quality, in the international market automatic tapping machine is a what machinery can not be outlawed.

Tapping machine use range:
Since the tapping machine for the market, with its lightweight, flexible, efficient and with other similar equipment can not replace the advantages of the majority of users love. It avoids the limitations of lathes, drilling machines or manual tapping, and saves time, effort, is not easy to rotten teeth, taps are not easy to break, etc. Its remarkable features are widely praised and adopted by users. This machine is suitable for all machinery manufacturing industries, now the mainland customers cover machine tools, mould (factory) machinery, plastic machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery manufacturers, engineering machinery, automotive and motorbike parts, aviation engines, locomotive vehicles, tobacco machinery and general machinery and other industries.

Post time: Jun-15-2023