Production Machine

  • Standing spot welder

    Standing spot welder

    Intermediate Frequency Inverter DC Spot (Convex) Welder

    Recognized by the China intellectual Property Office and obtained the patent certificate

    Application: it is especially suitable for welding aluminum, copper, galvanized sheet. carbon steel, nickel, tungsten and other metal materials as well as high temperature enamelled wire, soft connection and inductance coil. It is widely used in the welding of metal products in automobile and auto parts manufacturing, new energy power battery, photoelectric communication, electric light source, motor, hardware, fumiture,kitchenware and other fields.

  • Laser welder

    Laser welder

    Hand-held Fiber Laser Welding Machine with Automatic Wire Feeding :LWM1500/LWM2000

    Application: It is suitable for welding stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, carbon steel, galvanized plate and other metal materials. Widely used in cabinets, kitchens, stairs, elevators, racks, ovens, stainless steel door and window guardrails, power distribution boxes, and stainless steel home furnishing industries.


    1. The welding speed is fast. One person using a conventional laser welding machine is faster than three people using argon arc welding. One equipment can save at least two welders.
    2. Simple operation, automatic wire feeding under the automatic welding gun, novices can also weld beautiful products.
    3. The laser welding material consumption is small and the service life is long.
    4. The welding seam is smooth and beautiful, with small deformation and wide processing range, which reduces the subsequent grinding process and saves time and cost.
    5. The self-developed double swing welding head makes up for the defect of small laser spot, expands the tolerance range of the workpiece and weld width, and obtains good weld forming effect.
  • Riveting Machine

    Riveting Machine

    The riveting machine is a professional industrial equipment that is widely popular in various fields such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, and machinery manufacturing.

  • Automatic Screw Machine

    Automatic Screw Machine

    It is suitable for most screws with strong versatility [Tel: 13652304215]; can realize mechanized production; reduce the labor intensity of workers; traditional manual screw placement and alignment of the screw head require a lot of working time and energy

  • Automatic Drilling Machine

    Automatic Drilling Machine

    Multi-axis tapping drill is suitable for parts processing; two groups of independent multi-axis systems can be controlled and adjusted separately, each group can drill and attack teeth by replacing the swing arm;

  • MCB Printing Machine (Oil Type)

    MCB Printing Machine (Oil Type)

    High quality alloy aluminum body: durable, easy to operate, with a counter.

    MCB Printing Machine (Oil Type) , This printing press is made of high-quality alloy aluminum body, which is not only durable but also very easy to operate. Its sturdy construction ensures a long service life and guarantees uninterrupted performance throughout its lifetime.

  • servo type pressre

    servo type pressre

    The servo press is a cutting-edge equipment driven by a servo motor, which has significant advantages such as high precision, high efficiency, and strong stability. It provides a versatile and flexible solution for pressure handling across a variety of application scenarios.