Test bench for Delay operating characteristics of Moulded-cass circuit breaker

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The equipment is used for the delay action characteristic test of the plastic shell circuit breaker, which is completed
2 (2.5) ln multipolar series.
The equipment meets the test requirements of GB14048.1/IEC60947-1, GB14048.2/IEC60947-2 and other national and international standards.

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The molded case circuit breaker delayed action characteristics test bench is a device used to test the delayed action characteristics of molded case circuit breakers. This equipment is used to test the delayed action characteristics of molded case circuit breakers, and has completed 2 (2.5) ln multi-pole series. The equipment complies with the testing requirements of national and international standards such as GB14048.1/IEC60947-1, GB14048.2/IEC60947-2.
The test bench usually consists of the following components:
Control system: including host controller and control panel, used to set test parameters and monitor the test process. Users can set current, time delay and other test parameters through the control panel.
Power supply system: used to provide current and voltage to the circuit breaker for testing. There are usually two options of DC power supply and AC power supply to meet the testing needs of different circuit breakers.
Current measurement system: used to measure the current in a circuit. Precision ammeters or current sensors are usually used for real-time monitoring and recording.
Time delay measurement system: used to measure circuit breaker action time delay. Usually a high-precision timer or timer is used for measurement.
Data acquisition and analysis system: used to record and analyze test data. Test data can be displayed on the screen in real time as needed and can be exported and stored for subsequent analysis and reporting.
Protection safety system: It has over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature and other protection mechanisms to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.
Generally speaking, when using the molded case circuit breaker delay action characteristic test bench for testing, the test parameters, such as current size, time delay, etc., need to be set in accordance with relevant standards. During the test, the test bench will simulate the current changes under actual working conditions and record the circuit breaker's action time delay. By analyzing the test results, it can be evaluated whether the delay action characteristics of the circuit breaker meet the requirements, and can be used for product quality control and engineering design reference.

Technical Parameters

Equipment power supply voltage  AC50HZ, 220V ± 10%
Pneumatic pressure  0.2~0.8Mpa
Equipment capacity  1 ~ 20 KkVA / station (can be selected by the user)
Maximum output current  10000A (selected by user)
Current display value  1A~10000A (direct display of effective value)
Timing  1s~9h59m59s
Timing error  ± 0.1%
Comprehensive error of the equipment  ± 1.0%
Wavform distortion  <5%
Insulation resistance of the equipment > 10 MΩ



Display: operable and set on the screen, such as test current, test time, test results, etc. It can be clearly displayed, and you can also see if there are problems with the product.

Clamp: the clip has manual and pneumatic operation for customers to choose (it can be customized according to customer products).

Test bench for Instantaneous operating characteristics of miniature circuit breaker (6)


Route diagram: After the planning of our professionals, the line is perfectly arranged at a glance, looking quite neat, and we also label each line, so that it can quickly find the corresponding line.

JY_YS_007 series power supply, is a kind of Linear stepless adjustable power supply specially used for MCB thermal testing machine, long time testing machine.
This series of power supplies adopts advanced SPWM inverter technology, which inputs AC voltage to 220V and outputs adjustable AC voltage after rectification, filtering and controllable inverter. And through the user-configured step-up transformer, an adjustable current is output.


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Cxture uses durable materials, long service life and more stable fixed products.



This fixture is more common, mainly is the side button can be customized, such as low current high current, can be converted at will.
This fixture mainly tests the live plastic case circuit breaker, so the plastic protective case is specially designed to ensure safety





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