MCB Thermal Testing Machine (Semi-Auto)

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The equipment meets the test requirements of IEC61009-1 and other national and international standards, which request test mcb under 2.55In Main technical parameters of the equipment



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Equipment power supply voltage: AC 50Hz, 220V ± 10%

Air source pressure: 0.2~0.8Mpa

Equipment capacity: 1 KVA / station

Maximum output current: 500A / station (selected by the user)

Current display: 0.01A~500A (display valid value)

Time display: 1s~9h59m59s (minimum display value of 1s)

Timing error: ± 0.1%

Comprehensive error of the equipment: ± 1.0%

Wavform distortion: <3%

Insulation resistance of the equipment:> 10 MΩ


Advantage: with bimetal auto-adjust and four poles mcb for each station

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