MCB Printing Machine (Oil Type)

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High quality alloy aluminum body: durable, easy to operate, with a counter.

MCB Printing Machine (Oil Type) , This printing press is made of high-quality alloy aluminum body, which is not only durable but also very easy to operate. Its sturdy construction ensures a long service life and guarantees uninterrupted performance throughout its lifetime.

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High quality alloy aluminum body: durable, easy to operate, with a counter. Four level of speed control, micro control processing touch panel, reliable and durable, diverse diversity: ink printing twice for different ink layer thickness need to glue head can choose monochrome or two-color shuttle color, use sealed oil cup, environmental protection clean, save oil plug thinner, use thin steel: plate convenient cleaning, improve work efficiency, using FESTO and SMC pneumatic: reliable and durable, with shuttle color mechanism using straight rail, more accurate, stable, can be equipped with independent chassis.

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MCB presses are equipped with a convenient counter feature that allows you to track print quantities to increase productivity and control your operations.One of the standout features of this press is its four-level speed control, which gives you the flexibility to adjust the printing speed according to your specific requirements. This micro-controlled touch panel ensures precise speed adjustment, making MCB presses ideal for those looking for reliable and consistent printing results.printing presses meet a variety of printing needs with their versatile features. Whether you need different ink layer thicknesses or need to choose between single or two-color shuttle colors, this machine can meet your needs. Its ink printing function can be adjusted accordingly to ensure the best results every time.

The MCB printing machine uses a sealed oil cup and adopts an environmentally friendly design. This feature not only promotes clean printing but also minimizes the need for oil plug thinner, thereby reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Additionally, the use of thin steel plates makes cleaning a breeze, further improving work efficiency,Experience unparalleled printing accuracy with MCB printing presses (oil type).

In terms of reliability, MCB printing press (oil type) use top-quality components from industry-leading brands such as FESTO and SMC Pneumatic. These pneumatic components not only ensure durability but also provide unparalleled performance even in the most demanding printing scenarios.With its durable alloy aluminum body, four-level speed control, diverse ink printing options and reliable components, this press will revolutionize your printing process,Upgrade to MCB printing press (oil type) now and take your printing experience to new heights.

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  • Max printing area (mm)  65; 80; 90
    Printing plate dimension (mm)  250*100
    Max working distance of printing head (mm) 125
    Number of color  1-2 colors
    Printing pressure (bar)  1178N
    Continuous printing speed  400-2000 times /hour
    Pressure air power (bar)  6±0.5
    Noise (dB) <90
    Working voltage  AC 220V±10%   50/60Hz
    Power factor  35w

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