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The riveting machine is a professional industrial equipment that is widely popular in various fields such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, and machinery manufacturing.

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The riveting machine is a professional industrial equipment that is widely popular in various fields such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, and machinery manufacturing. It is an essential tool for completing material connection and fixation using high-pressure pneumatic or hydraulic force. With their efficient capabilities and versatile functions, riveting machines prove to be important assets in modern production processes.

In terms of efficiency, riveting machines are known for their rapid riveting capabilities and can complete complex riveting operations in a fairly short time. This feature significantly reduces production time, thereby increasing overall efficiency and productivity. Regardless of the material and thickness of the joint, the riveting machine delivers precise and reliable results, proving its versatility. Whether it is metal or plastic, the machine ensures strong and safe connections to meet the diverse needs of different industries.

Moreover, the riveting strength and force of the riveting machine are adjustable and can adapt to various requirements. Its unique ability to adapt to different needs ensures the firmness and reliability of the riveting process. This flexibility adds value to the entire production process as it allows for customization and ensures the final product meets the required standards.

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The riveting machine is equipped with advanced control technology that helps in its automation. Precise riveting operations can be easily achieved through automated riveting procedures and parameter settings. This technological advancement improves the overall quality of the assembly process by minimizing human error and ensuring consistent results. In addition, the compact design and small size of the riveting machine provide convenience and ease of operation. Its user-friendly interface provides a simple and intuitive experience, while easy maintenance and cleaning requirements simplify machine maintenance.

One of the distinguishing features of riveting machines is high precision, high reliability and long life. Through its innovative design and rugged construction, the machine can withstand harsh industrial environments and deliver consistent performance. This durability reduces downtime and maintenance costs, ultimately optimizing the production process.

There is no doubt that riveting machines have become a key enabler of industry by increasing production efficiency and reducing operating costs. Its ability to ensure product quality and meet process requirements is unparalleled. By incorporating riveting machines into their operations, industries can increase production and enhance performance to remain competitive in the market.

The riveting machine is a high-performance, high-efficiency industrial equipment that can meet the diverse riveting needs of different industries. It can efficiently complete complex riveting operations in a short time, adapt to a variety of materials and thicknesses, provide adjustable riveting strength, and utilize advanced control technology, making it ideal for companies aiming to optimize production processes. The riveting machine has a compact design, easy operation and long service life, ensuring the convenience and efficiency of industrial operations. Take full advantage of the power of your riveting machine to take the efficiency and precision of your production process to new heights.

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  • Machine model number  ACA-L542
    Weight  80kg
    Dimensions  680 long * 750 width * 700 height (mm)
    Work itinerary  500 * 400 * 400 * 100
    Power supply  AC 220V 50HZ
    Power  360W
    The gas source is > 0. 5MPa
    Gas consumption  10 m3/hour
    Rack  a high-quality aluminum profile structure
    Drive mode  closed-loop stepper motor + upper silver guide rail
    Host program control  the source still control system
    Human-machine interface  LCD display and adjust parameters 5.  7-inch touch screen
    Screw delivery machine  1 number of automatic screw delivery machine
    Screw introduction mode  adsorption type
    Suitable screw scope  M1-M6

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