Test bench for standard operating characteristics of miniature circuit breaker

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Small circuit breaker standard operating characteristics test bench This equipment is used to test the standard operating characteristics of small circuit breakers, and is usually used to evaluate the operating speed and performance of circuit breakers under fault conditions. The equipment complies with the testing requirements of national and international standards such as GB10963.1/1EC61009-1. Use the standard wire multi-pole series to complete the standard operating characteristics test of (1.13~1.45) In rated current for 1 (2) hours.
The test bench mainly consists of the following parts:
Control system: The test bench is equipped with an advanced control system, and test parameters can be easily set and adjusted through the instrument panel. The operator can set parameters such as fault current, fault type and action delay time as needed.
Power supply system: To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test, the test bench provides a stable power supply. The power system can provide the required power voltage and current to ensure the normal operation of the circuit breaker under different circuit conditions.
Fault simulation equipment: The test bed is equipped with fault simulation equipment that can simulate various fault conditions such as overload, short circuit and ground faults. Fault simulation equipment can provide a preset fault current and ensure that a fault is triggered within a set time.
Data recording system: In order to accurately evaluate the operating characteristics of the circuit breaker, the test bench is equipped with a data recording system. The system can record and display the operating time, fault current, triggering time and other parameters of the circuit breaker. This data can be exported and subsequently analyzed to better assess the performance of the circuit breaker.
Safety protection measures: To ensure the safety of the test process, the test bench is equipped with a variety of safety protection measures. For example, overload protection, short circuit protection and leakage protection can effectively ensure the safety of personnel and equipment during the test.
Using the standard operating characteristics test bench for small circuit breakers, the operating characteristics of the circuit breaker can be accurately tested and evaluated to verify its performance under fault conditions. This helps ensure that the circuit breaker can cut off fault current promptly and reliably to protect the normal operation of the electrical system.

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Technical Parameters

Equipment power supply voltage  AC50Hz, 220V± 10%
Equipment capacity  0.5 KkVA / station (can be selected by the user)
Maximum output current  200A(selected by user)
Current display value  1A~200A (direct display of effective value)
Timing  1s~9h59m59s
Timing error  ± 0.1%
Comprehensive error of the equipment  ± 1.0%
Wavform distortion  <3%
Insulation resistance of the equipment > 10 MΩ

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