RCCB automatic residual leakage comprehensive performance testing equipment

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Automatic detection content:
1. mechanical on-ff testing
2. Test button reliability test
3.Residual leakage current value test
4.Detect trip time
5. dielectric test
6. phase sequence test


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    3.2 Technical parameter.
    1) Test button reliability test: applies the rated voltage Un to the input end of the product, push the handle mechanism to close the circuit breaker, press the test button, the product should be able to operate reliably, and the PLC will record whether the tested product is qualified or not. This test will conducted three times in total. (The test button should be able to reset automatically)
    2) Residual current value and trip time detection: The residual current increases steadily from a residual current value which lower than 0.5 times to the product until it trip (rated residual current value), measure the residual current value when the circuit breaker trips, and compare it with the specified residual current value to determine whether it is qualified.
    it is also required to use a test method using the upper and lower limit residual current values of 0.5In and 1In. The test results record by PLC. When testing the residual current value to make the product trip, the operating time of the product is detected, and whether it is qualified or not is determined by the PLC record. Each pole product is required to be tested; (while retaining the function of detecting the product’s action time at 1 time the residual current value) This test is carried out three times (can be configured multiple times).
    3) RCCB trip time detection: After the previous detection is completed, apply the rated voltage Un between the neutral line and the live wire of the circuit breaker. At the same time, push the handle mechanism to close the product and input the rated residual current value. The product should trip. Check whether it tripped within the specified time. Whether the product is qualified or not is memorized by PLC. This test was conducted three times in total (can be set for multiple times).
    4) The leakage detection source of this equipment (the leakage power supply is independently developed by ACA ) :
    output leakage current: 0-500MA (30, 50, 100, 200, 500) Dynamically adjustable; using m

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